Food and Dining – Self Cook or we can provide

Self Cook your meals in our fully equipped Kitchen or just relax during your stay and we will provide meals and the kitchen clean up for you!

Shore Lunches

Our shore lunches feed you well without taking you off the water for more than an hour. David Capps and Capps Guide Service provides incredible shore lunches that include an appetizer like BLT sandwiches, your fresh trout fried in traditional corn meal batter, fried chicken or pork loin, fried potatoes and hot side dishes like special BBQ beans, green beans or mashed potatoes And of course, as always, it’s all served up with a heaping helping of Southern Hospitality!

Frying your morning’s catch all by the time you reach shore lunch camp at noon, our cook has everything ready for your lunch except your trout. Your guides bring up the number of trout you would like to eat from your morning’s catch and our cook fries the fantastic tasting fish for you. (Please remember that any trout you eat at the shore lunch will be deducted from your daily limit of 5 trout as this is the law in Arkansas.)

We first coat the trout with our own recipe of old fashioned corn meal batter, fry them up and then sit back and watch everyone smile from ear to ear. The first pan of trout does not take long to cook so once it is fried up, lunch is served and soon we will all be back on the water catching more to cook later if you desire!

As tasty and fun as shore lunches on the White River are, we definitely don’t want to short anybody fishing time. Getting back on the water after our hour shore lunch is usually the goal but if you like resting a bit longer we always will work with our guests. Please let us know if you have any special requests like this that differ from our standard schedule and we can work with you for sure.


Our breakfast menu is vast and sure to give you the energy you need to haul in big fish all day. Usually breakfast is served in The Great Room early in the morning if fishing is on the days agenda. If you would like to take something quick to eat with you and get on those fish a little earlier, we can accomodate you. Take a look at our breakfast menu link below, but we warn you, you might want to eat first before reading it, as its pretty hard to beat a Fisherman’s Lodge breakfast. What else would you expect from a name like the Fisherman’s Lodge?

Click here to see the Fisherman’s Lodge Breakfast Menu!


One thing is for sure when you visit our lodge and stay with us, you will not go hungry. There really is an endless list of varieties of food that could accomodate your group. If you would like to cook on your own for your group, we have an incredible BBQ grill and a full kitchen to accomodate your plans.

Of course, you have at your disposal, our staff, who is no stranger to cooking for large groups. Dinners can consist of large cuts of prime steaks, pork chops, chicken, hot and cold side dishes, deserts, and beverages. Review our Menu when booking your reservation and let us know what your group would like and we’ll prepare it for your party. Let us know if anyone in your party has a special dietary need and we will make sure to make a note of it!

Usually, dinner is served in the Great Room with enough room to comfortably sit and feed 22 people. If the group is larger than this, then please don’t fret, as we have room enough to feed and accomodate up to 100 people in your party in other areas of the lodge.

If you do decide that you would rather relax on your vacation instead of slaving in the kitchen, then please let us take care of all of your eating needs. We feel that after you look over our dinner menu, you will see why so many leave the cooking up to us but please know we will take care of you either way you want to go!