Lodging Accommodations


Inside & out, The Fisherman’s Lodge works well for any event and can entertain up to approximately 100 people. The floor plan of the lodge flows well for various entertainment styles. The ground level of the Lodge has private double doors that lead into the conference room area and the patio just outside the doors can be used for dancing, display tables, outdoor meetings or large cook outs.

The outside stairs lead up to the entrance of the Great Room where dining and all rooms reside while the second story balcony walk ways give you an additional private entrance to each of the 6 guest rooms. Our 7th guest room the “Pike Room” is downstairs.

Extending The Great Room

The glass entrance way leads into the front of the Great Room where all of your dining and relaxation takes place unless we have set up food for your group in the conference area. Many of our guests enjoy eating and playing cards on the second story deck just outside the great room while comfortable relaxation awaits inside.

The two stairways allow easy flow from the downstairs conference room and outside patio to any of the facilities including your rooms. Guests can also access mostly any of the area by using the side walkways outside their rooms.

Sunset Views

The Fisherman’s Lodge rests in what was the river bottom millions of years ago. This flat bottomland, laying at the foot of the Ozark Uplands, stretches for over a mile, then meets the low rounded ridges of the Ozark Plateau. The White River is about 1/4 of a mile away and if you enjoy sunsets, this deck is the place to be any time of year!

Cook Meals Yourself Or Have Them Catered

You can grill steaks, chops, burgers, or kabobs for a large group with our top of the line indirect heat BBQ rig. It’s conveniently located on the second story back deck just outside the kitchen door and provides a great opportunity to impress your own guests with your grilling ability! Guests can form a buffet line going either way past the grill, then proceed out to the main deck without going inside or they can walk right into the dining room.

We also can provide food service to you during your stay at our Lodge if you would rather us take care of this for you. Shore lunches on the river bank during the days fishing is always a sure bet coupled with full breakfasts and great dinners, your choices are plenty. If you would like to cook for yourselves or let us do all the work, let us know, and we’ll help you plan

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The Great Room

The floor plan grants a sensible flow from kitchen to dining table. The large island holds several large serving pans for buffet service while the wet bar keeps beverage service away from the food, reducing line congestion and granting guest convenience. Doors are positioned along the walls of the great room for bedroom entrances or you could keep those locked and enter your rooms from the balcony walkway. Part of true Southern Hospitality is having enough room at the table for all the guests and the grand room allows enough room to seat 22 people.

Kitchen appliances include a dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, large drip coffee maker, full size electric range and oven. If your group wishes to stock up with groceries and cook their own meals, you are welcome to do so. The kitchen is all yours! There’s a full set of cookware, utensils, and tableware for up to 22 persons.

Sure, there is a lot to do on a vacation when you visit The Fishermans Lodge! One of the most popular activities we see guests enjoying after hours is reading or having fun with your party! After all, you’re relaxed, we hope! We can’t think of a better place than the lodge to catch up on your reading or engaging in conversation with friends. Our deck and the peaceful surroundings the Ozarks provides is always a popular place our guests like to enjoy.

The Guest Rooms

The Fisherman’s Lodge has seven separate bedrooms. Six of these bedrooms are located on the upper level of the Lodge and include one pine log frame Queen bed and two additional beds, a ceiling fan, private deck entrance, and a full private bathroom, along with access to the Great Room.

  • The Walleye Room is handicap accessible except for the shower. It has one queen bed and a set of twin bunk beds.
  • The Bass Room has a queen bed and two full beds.
  • The Rainbow Room has a queen bed, 1 full bed, and 1 twin bed.
  • The Brook Room has 1 queen bed and 2 full beds.
  • The Cutthroat Room has 1 queen bed, 1 full bed, and 1 twin bed.
  • The Brown Roomhas 1 queen bed, and 2 full beds.
  • The Pike Roomis our seventh bedroom and is located on the lower level of the Lodge. A large pull out sleeper and a set of bunk beds are included with this room along with television, microwave, coffee maker, room refrigerator, outside charcoal grill, electric skillet. Also included is a private bath room. This room is perfect for a group of three or four people that do not require the use of a full kitchen during their stay, but would possibly like to grill outside or have the ability to do some minor cooking of meals rather than dining out at a local restaurant.

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The Additional Back Deck

The ground level back deck is the service and storage area for the lodge, and the access point for the lift. The door you see on the second story leads into the kitchen. The wheel chair lift grants accessibility to the Upper level rear door and the Walleye Room which is next to the kitchen.

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