Boats we use

Our fiberglass river boats are built locally and designed for fishing area rivers and streams. Our boats are powered by outbord engines from 15 hp. to 30 hp. and with comfortable seating your days fishing will be a pleasure.

Our boats are 20′ to 21′ in length and 42″ to 48″ wide in the stern. Supreme/Shawnee Boat Company is the areas leader in Fiberglass River Boat construction, saftey, stability and comfort for your fishing adventure on the White river!

History of the “Jon Boat”

The original boats that were used for guided fishing trips on the White River were constructed of wood and were used primarlly for guided small mouth bass fishing trips on the White.

After the Bull Shoals Dam was completed and trout were stocked in the White, these same boats were used to conduct guided trout fishing trips.

Years later the boats were constructed using fiberglass in place of wood. Most of the boats used for guided fishing trips were quite narrow though, around 32 to 34 inches at their widest point at the back of the boat and 20 feet in length.

In the early years there were several variations of the fiberglass “Jon” boats produced locally, from both boat manufacturers as well as home built boats. These boats were work boats that were basically a fiberglass shell covered in Gelcoat.

The modern fiberglass boats built today by Shawnee/Supreme Boat CO. in Mountain Home, AR. are very different from the old days of the “Jon Boat” They offer added width, aesthetics, live wells, dry storage, running lights, bildge pumps and very comfortable seating for our quests.